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When only the best will do!
As we don't settle for anything less!

- Top Grade A Instructor -

It's Your Driving Lessons


It's Your Easy 5 Steps!

Its your five easy steps to get yourself prepared, be in control, and gain the knowlegde you need to succeed.
 So be  responsible Start now! You may know some or all of these five steps. Change your behaviour, so you can not only pass your driving test first time and stay safe for many years to come.

- 5 Steps to Getting Your Licence -

Beginner Course

Our beginners course is a one stop solution to help turn the appsolute novice into a safe driver who can fly through the driving test by impressing your examiner. You'll learn everything you need to know in a hassle free friendly environment. On your first lesson You'll be driving and delighted with what you have learnt

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It's Your Journey!


It's your journey and only you know how you feel and where you want to go with your training and current skill set, whether you are a complete novice or a full licence holder, your journey of learning should never stop. Eveyone has the capablility to drive a motor vehicle, even passing a driving test in a manual or automatic, it's your choice and don't let anyone tell you different.

- Feel Free To Get started! -

Confidence Course

Feeling edgy and anxious about learning to drive is more commom than you think, but with our specialist confidence building driving lessons we can soon help you win back control and become comfortable when learning to drive.

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Cruise In To Control!


Cruise and feel in control, set the pace of your driving lessons to suit how you feel about your skill set. You can choose to speed your progression up or slow it down or just set the speed steady so you can cope with all the new knowledge and information you will be receiving on your journey. The main thing to remember is you are in control. Get to know what you're good at, feel your strengths.

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Part Trained Course

Your first lesson on our Part-Trained-Course is an assessment of your skills.Understanding what your good at and where you need to improve,so we can help you save time and money on the journey to passing your Driving Test.

- Trained for success -

It's Your Driving Seat

Settling yourself in your driving seat is the most important aspect of any driver. If you are not comfortable this will effect your understanding, never mind the learning experience. John help gives you knowledge for you to use for the rest of your driving career and not just for your Driving Test. John your driving Instructor, always wants to know how you feel about your progress so he can help you improve your driving experience and become more confident with your skills.

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Your Refresher Lessons

You have already got your driving licence, but its been a while since you have driven or there are a few areas with your skillset you would like to brush up on. Our refresher lessons are exactly what your looking for and make sure you're fully prepared and confident to drive by yourself.

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It's Your Choice!


Its your choice so why not put yourself in control. Abi did, she was told by other instructor she couldnt drive a manual car and see would be best of driving an Automatic. "We certainly showed them didnt we as Abi Passed first time in my manual car and she enjoyed every minute of her training.

- Learn to have the feedom to choose -

Convert Your Skills!

Learn how to convert your skills. If you feel your language could be a barrier and prevent you from learning, then get in touch, because all you have to do is transfering the skill you already have learnt! There is a lot of help I can give to help you understand what needs to be done to abtain your uk licence.

Thomazs couldnt speak much english. and pass his test first time!

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Licence Conversion!

Do you need a uk driving licence but have already passed your driving test in a different country, then you'll need our special international driving licence conversion course. In just afew lessons you could be driving safely and legally with a uk driving licence.

- Due to popularity & to avoid a waiting list -

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It's Your Training!

Its your training so why not put yourself in control, Karolina did. Travel at high speeds can be unsafe if your not trained to recognise the dangers. Karolina standard Motorway Training. Karolina enjoy the experience as it seemed challenging at first, so if your up to the challenge.

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Motorway Training!

As part of our lessons for learner drivers, when your ready to do so we'll also give you motorway driving lessons. Driving on the motorway is much different to driving on  the high street and there are more skills you need to learn to help you keep safe

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How Intensive!
John at Lead The Way driver training keeps up his professional development to help you develop on your Driving Lessons

Imagine what it would be like to pass your driving test ten times quicker then most learner drivers, with our Intensive Driving Lessons you'll be suprised how fast you'll learn and soon you will be ready to get your driving licence. so just pick up the phone and...

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Intense & Semi Intence!

Imagine what it would be like to pass your driving test ten times quicker than most learner drivers, with our intensive driving lessons, you'll be at how fast you can learn and soon you'll be ready to get your driving licence. so just pick up the phone.

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Driving In Risky Conditions!
John at Lead The Way driver training keeps up his professional development to help you develop on your Driving Lessons

Imagine not having the experience to drive in risky conditions rain, sleet, snow, fog or a combination in the dark, how would you cope! Your training can covers how to handle these situations so you can leave you feeling confident and knowledegable to deal with any situation.

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Night Time Driving!

Driving at night is not a part of the Driving Test, infact depending upon the time of year you may never learn to drive in the dark, so we've created a special course at nigh time Driving Lessons to help keep you safe.

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It's Your Driving Test

"Passing your driving test can be quite easy, I passed first time had lots of good quality training  from John. my driving lessons where more fun, John just made me more aware of what I needed to learn, John helps you set your own targets and goals so you feel more in control on your driving lesson. John has a unique fun way of helping you come up with your own solutions as he say you never have problems, you just need to find a solution to your confusion. John is a great Driving Instructor he also taught my Dad and Uncles too."

-  Daryl Dulca in Hull -
Driving Test Rescue!

If you have failed your driving test with another school it might actually be your fault, our Driving Test Rescue Course is designed to quickly identify your weak points, get you prepared and confident and to reprogram the way you drive, so you can pass your driving test, almost like being on autopilot.

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Taking Your Driving Test!
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